Here are the obligatory piccys of myself, my family, my household (both SCA and RL), and my friends. So far, it's just me, Wolfie, David, who's going to be our housemate, and Mathilde, the String Junkie.

Fun with self-timers (yes there are many pics of me. I can pretty much guarantee that I'll sit still for them.):

Heh. Readin' something utterly fascinating. Ooh, smiles!
More smiles, and more hair. Not looking... must be laughing at something on Taps.
He's so cute when he's just woken up. And here is the real Wolfie.
Skippin' da flash... dayum, I look like my mom. Aw... I'm just too frellin' ky00t.
David, our housemate-to-be. He's such a sweetie. Cute, too. Psycho kitty! She only likes me when she's in heat.