I don't really do a Viking/Norse persona. But my bestest sweetie does, and I've gotten interested in the culture through him. I recently learned to spin, as I said on the main SCA page, and I also taught myself to naalbind, which is also known as "needle knitting." Basically, it's how the Vikings made mittens and hats and socks. I just finished my first mitten tonight (8.28.02), and I'm all proud of myself. It looks a little goofy around the bottom of the hand, right above the wrist, and there are some serious tension issues (which I now think I have a handle on), but I think it's dern nice for someone who's never made a mitten before. I'm especially proud of the thumb. I left a trapezoidal hole where the thumb should go as I was working the body of the mitten, then went back and started spiraling stitches around the hole. I tried on the mitten periodically and took in the thumb where it was needed, and I think that it looks just fab. Next step is fulling it (washing it in the washer with hot soapy water, then throwing in the dryer). I'll put more here as I proceed in my Viking quest (this is fun!).

Back of the mitten

Front of the mitten, with the goofy parts in full view

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