I spend a lot of time online. Go fig.

On an almost daily basis, I go to Google.com, which is my very bestest friend, to find information on something weird or obscure, or weirdly obscure, or just new and different. For instance: One day I went looking for information on shoemaking. I do historic re-enactment, I need shoes. Not that weird. But somehow I got onto a site about mukluks, and went off on a mukluk tangent. That led me to a site about a woman who makes mukluks, which led me to a site with information about brain tanning deer hide, which I found fascinating. Anyone know of a place where I can get salted or frozen deerhides cheap?

What I'm going to try to do here is keep track of some of my weirder and/or more fascinating quests; the ones that take me off into the wild blue yonder of following other people's paths to enlightenment, or at least, entertainment. I'm also going to add links to stuff that I like to look at that doesn't fit into my other neatly sectioned off categories. Hey, it's my weird crap; think of this page as the Stinky Room* of my website.

*Stinky Room: When I first moved into my apartment in Worcester, I had some stuff that had been stored in a less than weatherproof barn. Some of it got a little mildewed. That stuff got shoved into one of my spare rooms and the door was shut on it. When you opened it up, you could smell the mildew, hence the name. After a little while, the mildewed stuff was gone or cleaned, and the room didn't stink, but it was still the Stinky Room until I moved out. I think everyone should have a Stinky Room.

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