Well, I'm bowing to popular demand for information as to what I want for Christmas, birthdays, and other gift giving occasions, and putting a list up here on my website. I'm not saying anyone has to get me stuff from this list, I'm just saying that this is specific stuff that I would like to have, and if you want to get it for me, that would be keen.

I'm dividing it into five sections: books and CDs, craft stuff, other stuff, pushing my luck, and pie in the sky. The "pushing my luck" section is the more expensive stuff that is still within the realm of possibility, and the "pie in the sky" stuff is really expensive, and while by no means do I actually expect to ever get it as a gift, boy-oh-boy would it be cool.

books & CDscraft stuffother stuffpushing my luckpie in the sky

Note to anyone thinking about getting me a cutting table:
They're on sale at Hancock Fabrics for $79.99, Dec. 5-23.
Just thought you should know...

books & CDs -- I like a wide variety of stuff, much of it obscure. Now you know why I really prefer gift certificates. :-) Oh, and I don't mind used books. Most of the academic ones I want are out of print, so that may be the only way to find them. Most of the links below go to a site called Half.com, where people sell their used books. You can find some fab deals there.

craft stuff

other stuff

pushing my luck

  • Home Cutting Table -- I think my sister has one like this.
  • Kromski Mazurka Spinning Wheel -- It might be pie-in-the-sky as well, but the unfinished model is not as expensive as the Ashford Joy, so I figured I'd put it here (but if, by some miracle, someone decides to be awesome and get this one for me, I'm not so nutty about walnut finishes).
  • Baynes Colonial Upright Wheel -- Clear Polished, I should think. Best price I've seen for a wheel that needs to be imported from New Zealand. Again, single treadle. Double makes me feel like I'm on a bicycle. :-)

pie in the sky