Here are more obligatory piccys of myself, my family, my household (both SCA and RL), and my friends. So far on this page, it's just me. So maybe it's egotistical. I prefer to think of it as making up for my 20's, when I didn't get many pics taken of me. Such a shame, too; I was a lot skinnier then.

More fun with self-timers, and with Photoshop:

Took out the color, added noise. Fun with textures and painting effects.
Almost looks like a watercolor! On to experiments with facial expressions. Hiding behind my hair... something that, truthfully, I NEVER do.
Uh-oh! What did you do? Note the new glasses. More hiding behind my hair, but a much tighter, sexier close-up.
Phew! Guess you're not gonna get your head whomped off after all. I like this one. I look all thoughtful.